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Arthritis can affect any joint.  It can be very painful and stiff.  It is often worse in the morning when waking up with an ache and limited mobility.  We can provide relief with gentle stretching, mobilizations, and teach you stretches that lubricate the joints.  Motion is lotion!  We can also help determine if the muscles surrounding your joints are weak. Weak muscles do not provide adequate shock absorption with weight bearing activities like walking/stairs etc.  We can teach you how to strengthen the area without aggravating your arthritis.

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Our Approach
Are Other Clinics?
Using hands on techniques to stretch and mobilize your stiff arthritic joints? Do they use soft tissue mobilization techniques to increase your range of motion and decrease your pain?
Resources & Support
Considering bracing or taping to decrease your arthritis pain?
Explaining your insurance coverage and sensitive to how to best spread out your visits while achieving a good outcome?
Providing a well-trained united team that explains why certain exercises will help your arthritis?

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