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We dispense pre-frabricated and custom orthotics.

When do custom orthotics help and when do they hurt?

Just because your foot hurts does not mean you need custom orthotics.  It is not a cure-all.

Orthotics provide a support for those who have “biomechanically challenged” feet.  This is a foot that cannot handle the daily stresses of standing, walking, and running without extra support.  However, a very rigid device is not the answer.  If the device is too rigid it does not allow motion and does not absorb shock very well.  A device that does not absorb shock causes your muscles and tendons to work harder to absorb the shock instead.  This usually causes more pain.  It is not just about “arch support.”  If you only support the arch and the problem is in the heel or forefoot then your orthotic will not work.

The question really is “Why is my foot hurting?” 

Too much stress is occurring in that region creating pain.  Our job is to study YOUR foot and see what joints are moving too much and create an orthotic that supports in the correct places.

We are more concerned about the process of how the orthotics are made.  It is not as simple as hopping on the table and casting your foot or stepping into a mold.

We take 30 minutes worth of measurements of all the joints in your ankle/foot, big toe in standing, sitting, and laying down on the table.  The cast and our detailed measurements are sent to a lab.  The lab calls us to consult regarding your cast, measurements, gait analysis, and your particular diagnosis and we discuss with them the options and decide together what would be best with regards to how much posting/support/correction etc. knowing what your particular goals are with this orthotic.

We believe our process is more thorough than most in calculating the exact cause of the problem and developing the right orthotic the first time.

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Our Approach
Are Other Clinics?
Taking detailed measurements including the rearfoot, midfoot, forefoot, big toe and then the angles of the lower leg and knee prior to casting for orthotics?
Resources & Support
Analyzing your gait/walking with and without the orthotic? Are they giving you gait training advice to help decrease your pain?
Providing a discount for multiple pairs? Do they provide a pediatric plan that is less costly due to kids growing quickly?
Trained in foot and gait mechanics? Do they have the ability to video tape your gait and play back in slow motion?

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