Penrose Physical Therapy

Skilled Treatment.  Supportive Atmosphere. Invaluable Advice.

An injury is painful, inconvenient, and costly in terms of time and finances.  We understand this is not where you want to be.  We want to help you move along this time line of healing as fast as possible.

With any injury it is vital to obtain the correct diagnosis.  At Penrose Physical Therapy we will provide a detailed orthopedic examination at the first appointment to determine what structures are involved and if you are appropriate for physical therapy or if a recommendation for another specialist is required.

Why choose us?

Our Approach
Are Other Clinics?
Providing a thorough orthopedic examination and giving you a clear diagnosis? Do you have quality hands on time with the therapist?
Resources & Support
Teaching you how to tape yourself? Do they provide practical and immediate methods to self treat?
Expecting improvements every week? Will they provide options for less frequent in-clinic visits?
Staffed with a united cohesive team that is on the same page for your goals, diagnosis, and plan of care?

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