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Jennifer Penrose is a runner herself and enjoys treating runners and evaluating running form.  “There is not necessarily one correct way to run but there are many things that can make a runner more efficient and less prone to injury.”

Increasing your running cadence is just one way to decrease stress to your joints. This slight change reduces the chance for over-striding and decreases the time your foot has contact with the ground. “I am also a huge proponent for strength training a few days a week to decrease your risk of injury and to increase your speed and maintain proper form.”  There are numerous articles that support having strong hips and core. This strength helps to decrease lower leg injuries caused by running.

A running evaluation at Penrose Physical Therapy will include

We want to keep you running for life!

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Other Sports/Athletes

We enjoy working with athletes and have treated many swimmers, gymnasts, golfers, basketball and volleyball players!  Dr. Penrose played collegiate tennis and understands shoulder anatomy. She is familiar with mechanics required for sports using overhead motion.

We take the time to evaluate your movement and find ways to help you move more efficiently and with less risk for injury.  Athletes are committed to their sport and it is a pleasure to work with such an inspiring group.

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