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Alisha fell down the stairs causing a complicated fracture and multiple sprains in her foot and ankle.  Her ankle/foot surgeon told her she may end up needing surgery but to try physical therapy first.  Dr.  Michael Dujela, DPM wanted to give her body the chance to rehabilitate without surgery first.  After 2 months of walking in a boot she arrived at Penrose Physical Therapy with significant pain, very limited mobility in her ankle and foot, significant swelling, walking with a limp, and she was very skeptical that physical therapy would be able to help.

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Alisha's Success Story


Penrose Physical Therapy used manual therapy techniques to mobilize the ankle and foot joints to allow for more range of motion.  Graded progressive exercises for motion and strength were given that she could do at work and at home.  As more range of motion was achieved, walking and balance exercises were started.


After 4 months working with Penrose Physical Therapy Alisha has near full range of motion and is able to walk a mile without limping.  She is returning to the gym and gradually increasing her activity levels without increased pain.  Her surgeon thought it would have taken her closer to 12 months to be at this level of function.  Her surgeon, Dr.  Michael Dujela, DPM, no longer thinks surgery will be needed.

I felt heard. I felt like there was a lot of creativity...I actually looked forward to coming.
Alisha Miller

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