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Heather came to her first appointment of physical therapy skeptical that we could help her.  She wanted an MRI but her insurance would not pay for an MRI until she tried physical therapy first.  She injured her foot by awkwardly stepping off the back of a truck over a year ago.  Over that time frame her doctor had give her 3 cortisone shots with minimal lasting relief and she also saw an ankle foot specialist/podiatrist with no improvement.  Dr. Penrose determined after her thorough orthopedic examination that she had peroneal tendonitis which is easily treated with physical therapy.


The main intervention that helped Heather was the manual therapy techniques.  This included cross friction massage and Graston to the peroneal tendons, and mobilizations to her foot and ankle to increase mobility in stiff areas.  We also used ultrasound to help with increased blood flow to enhance healing.  We also provided advice regarding shoes and inserts with correct posting/support to alleviate stress on the outside of her foot and we taught her exercises she could do at home to help with range of motion and strength and proprioception.


Heather noticed improvement after the first visit. She only needed 6 visits with those interventions to be completely pain free from her tendonitis.  She avoided the extra cost of an MRI.  Had she started with us sooner she would have avoided the cost of multiple injections and doctor visits and months of pain.

I hurt my foot over a year ago. After several cortisone shots that didn't work and 8 months of being in pain I went to a foot and ankle specialist. I eventually ended up at Penrose and within a couple weeks they have fixed a problem that has been going on for the last year.
Heather Benfield

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