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Yvonne is a female in her 50s who has been trying to increase her running mileage. Unfortunately shin splints and overuse of her calf muscles kept her from success.  She knew she needed to increase her core and overall strength.  Cross Fit was helping with that but she was still unable to run farther or faster without shin or calf pain.


Yvonne came to Penrose Physical Therapy for a gait/runner’s/movement analysis to figure out why she was overusing her calf muscles.  This movement analysis involved video with slow motion play back.  It showed her that she was over-striding, her cadence needed to increase, and she needed to have a slight lean to have her foot fall underneath her in order to decrease the shin and calf pain.  It also showed her that her hip flexors were too tight and her hip rotators were weak.  It also showed her that tight hip flexors placed her in a disadvantageous posture while running.  This posture did not allow her to use her hamstrings or gluteus maximus effectively.   All of this was explained in terms she understood and exercises and running drills were given to help her address all of these issues.



After this one time movement consultation she followed the instructions including new shoes for her particular foot type.  She is now able to run with better form for longer periods of time and no shin or calf pain.

I’m so grateful for the insight that the movement analysis provided. I can finally run without chronic pain and I am actually enjoying it for the first time in many years!
Yvonne Fish

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