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John Paul III, at age 11, was having constant foot pain with sports and walking.  He had a foot type that was biomechanically challenged.  He had very flat feet that were unable to handle running, jumping, and walking without pain.



After a thorough examination and measuring his feet we casted his feet for custom orthotics.  He neededthem for everyday use and sports.



His custom orthotics allowed him to play sports and walk/run without pain!  They also kept his legs and knees in better alignment.  This decreases his chance for additional injuries.  His family elected to enroll in the pediatric plan so they could keep getting new orthotics as he grew with less expense.  A savings of $475.  As he grows he comes in for new casting/measuring and only pays for that portion since he already purchased the next 4 pairs.

Our son suffered from sore feet and legs from a young age. He could often barely walk after baseball or basketball practice. With Jen’s expert care he was able to get the physical therapy and custom orthotics he needed to enjoy sports without pain.
Kris Teft

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