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Kathleen came understanding she had this silent disease of the bones weakening but not knowing what to do safely for exercises.  She knew she needed to exercise to increase bone density but she also has arthritis making it even more challenging.  She was told by her doctor to avoid bending and limit reaching.  However, she still needed to do daily life activities.   She wanted to learn how to move her spine safely while cleaning, grocery shopping, and lifting.


We instructed her how to move her spine safely with lifting, squatting, reaching, and rolling over in bed.  She learned how to hip hinge and bend in the hips while keeping the spine straight.  She learned what motions would increase stress to the spine and place her at greater risk for a vertebral compression fracture.  She learned how to strengthen the muscles of her spine and hips to help support those areas that were showing weakened bone.  She also learned what motions to modify at her local gym classes.


Kathleen now has the tools to reduce her risk of fracture and to progressively increase bone density safely.  She returned to the gym with confidence.

In Kathleen’s Own Words

“As a 75 year old senior citizen and retired nurse, I have been to many PT clinics in my life, and none have been as helpful in my recovery until I found Penrose Physical Therapy. From the first time that I called the office for information, the entire office staff has been warm, friendly, and patiently answered my many questions, whether it be a medical or insurance query. Each team member is kind and professional. The staff is like a family and I immediately felt welcomed, comfortable and genuinely cared about as a human being.

Over several months, I received Physical Therapy for 4 different diagnoses at Penrose PT and my expectations have been exceeded. I first sought help for osteoporosis and was taught which resistance exercises would increase muscle strength and bone density.  Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable, listens carefully and does an in depth evaluation on the first visit and comes up with a detailed personalized treatment plan. She excels in patient teaching and explains the rationale behind each exercise or treatment modality.  The printed home exercise instructions are clear and easy to understand.  She takes each concern seriously and when I would get discouraged she encouraged/supported me.

It has been a joy to work with all the team members of Penrose PT and I highly recommend them.”

My expectations have been exceeded...Jennifer listens carefully...she excels in patient has been a joy to work with all the team members of Penrose PT and I highly recommend them.
Kathleen Cannon

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