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Claudia had reconstruction of her right foot and ankle years ago.   Her initial post rehabilitation with Jennifer Penrose in 2005 went well.  She did great for several years.  However, in 2016 she noticed her pain was worsening in her right foot and leg and her pain was beginning to spread to the left foot and leg.  Her limping and uneven walking was also starting to cause low back pain.  She was becoming more immobile and less functional.  She was unable to stand or walk more than 5 minutes at a time.

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Claudia's Success Story


Penrose Physical Therapy recognized that she needed a comprehensive approach to her pain.   The acute pain was decreased by the manual therapy/hands on techniques to restore her motion and decrease the swelling.  She was also given carefully graded exercises that did not increase the pain.  Penrose Physical Therapy collaborated with her podiatrist and a prosthetist to manage her complicated feet.  Claudia needed a prosthetist to fabricate braces that integrated with custom orthotics to provide adequate support in standing and walking.  As much as she didn’t want braces she listened to Penrose Physical Therapy explain how the braces from the prosthetist would support her feet and allow her to walk and stand without ankle/leg or low back pain.  Once Claudia had the braces Jennifer Penrose taught her how to walk with them.   We slowly increased her leg strength along with progressing balance and walking activities.


After 10 visits spread over a few months Claudia was able to walk without limping and no low back pain.  Her range of motion and swelling in her ankles improved.  Her strength and stamina improved so she could keep up with her grandkids and travel.

I came back to Jennifer Penrose because she is methodical in her approach with treating my complex feet/tendons and works with me to find practical solutions. She truly listens to you. The staff here is wonderful too.
Claudia Olson

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