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Mark started physical therapy a week after a rotator cuff and labral repair shoulder surgery with a 73% disability score from the standardized “Shoulder Pain and Disability Index.”  He was not allowed to move his arm in the beginning and wore a sling.  He was looking at not being able to actively raise his arm for 6 weeks and restoring full range of motion and strength would take several months.




We reviewed Mark’s surgical report.  We started him on passive range of motion where the shoulder is relaxed and there is no strain provided on the repaired tissues.  He was gradually progressed with exercises, range of motion, and strength as his healing and surgical protocol allowed.  We provided manual therapy to decrease pain and allow for the scar tissue to be more mobile and less painful and less restrictive.  We tracked his range of motion measurements to ensure progress and delivered them to the surgeon timely.  He was provided home exercises with print outs, explanations, and continual guidance on his healing timeline and what he was allowed to do and when.


After several months of physical therapy Mark did reach 0% shoulder disability according to the Shoulder Pain and Disability Index.  He achieved full range of motion and full strength and is now pursuing a career in physical therapy.

During my recovery from a shoulder rotator cuff repair, I experienced the value of an incredible physical therapy team. When Dr. Penrose mapped out the plan, inclusion of manual therapy (a form of massage) was instrumental in pain management, regaining motion, and rebuilding strength. Surgery is a vulnerable time, and I found Jennifer’s team - from office staff, to the physical therapy assistant and aids - to be outstanding, helpful, and friendly. The experience has inspired me to explore a career in the field. I would recommend this practice for any physical therapy, from post surgery to everyday movement and pain relief.
Mark Rosales

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