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Tammy, age early 50s, had TMJ dysfunction of clicking, popping, and her jaw getting stuck for about 20 years.  She also suffered from migraine headaches for years managed by prescription medication.  She was told nothing could be done for her TMJ other than surgery.  Tammy read the outcomes on TMJ surgery were not very promising and elected not to do surgery.  Her condition was worsening where her jaw would get stuck several times a day and she was starting to avoid eating chewy foods.


Tammy worked at a computer and we needed to address how she was sitting at the computer/desk.  We taught her how to hold her mouth/tongue/neck while in sitting.  This causes relaxation of the clenching muscles of her jaw and decreases the tension in her neck muscles.  We performed manual therapy to release the tight muscles in her jaw/face and we released the tight muscles in her neck.  Joint mobilizations also helped increase her joint mobility and range of motion.  Tammy learned exercises to strengthen the weak opening muscles of her jaw which allowed her to eat more foods without pain.  Her migraines also improved with posture muscle strengthening of her neck and upper back.



In 15 visits she reported 80% improvement and migraines were no longer daily.  She can now eat most foods without having to stop and help her jaw get back in place.  Tammy is very grateful for the posture correction that she now maintains at work as well as the daily exercises that keep her TMJ and migraines in check.

I’m grateful for Penrose Physical Therapy as I didn’t think anything could help my TMJ or make a significant impact on my migraines. The daily exercises and posture have made a significant improvement in my life. I wish more people knew that physical therapy can help with TMJ and migraines.
Tammy Davis

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