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Recovery after surgery is a very daunting journey emotionally, physically, and mentally.  We understand that even though we see this every day this is not your every day routine.  We take the time to assure you of the healing process and guide you along the rehabilitation protocol for an optimal outcome.

Dr. Jennifer Penrose has co-lectured with many local orthopedic surgeons and has gained valuable insight into their perspectives on surgical healing and recovery.  She will not hesitate to reach out to them if needed during your recovery process.

To the right, you will find a sample of surgical protocols that we typically use.  We will always communicate with your surgeon on your surgery and their preferred protocol.

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Our Approach
Are Other Clinics?
Board certified in orthopedics (OCS)? Do the therapists have experience co-lecturing with local surgeons teaching the community about surgical rehabilitation?
Resources & Support
Experienced in treating surgical rehabilitation and understanding the healing process and time frames of expected function?
Discussing treatment frequency options or payment plans that work for your budget?
Requesting your operation report before your start therapy? Does the team communicate well with each other regarding your progress?

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