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Vertigo is caused by issues with the inner ear such as:

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), which develops as tiny calcium particles build up in the ear canals
  • Meniere’s disease, fluid pressure in the ear
  • Vestibular neuritis, a viral infection of the inner ear nerves

The primary symptom of vertigo is a feeling of spinning. You may feel like your body is tilted or that the world is swaying. This causes an unbalanced sensation of being pulled in one direction. As a result, walking and driving become difficult and sometimes impossible.

Vertigo is very debilitating and leaves you feeling out of control.  Penrose Physical Therapy will help you with treatments that work quickly. We will also give you information on what is happening with your condition and why.

Possible symptoms of vertigo

Impaired balance is not only a result of vertigo. We also treat balance issues related to many other conditions.

Can you balance on one leg for 50 seconds? Can you get up and off the floor? These are both markers for decreased balance. We would love to teach you simple exercises you can do on your own and help you decrease your risk for falling.

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