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Osteoporosis Free Report

Are you shrinking? Are you starting to show that awful rounded upper back stooped posture? If so, you need to request this report! In fact participating in strength training, yoga for osteoporosis, and taking the right calcium/vitamin D supplement (that truly gets absorbed!) and vitamin K increases bone density and gives you the best shot at not shrinking and avoiding that rounded upper back posture!

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Claim one of our currently FREE special tips reports on how to start easing your pain today!  Follow the advice to start making progress right away.


Neck Pain Report Cover 3D
Neck Pain

Tammy, in her early 50s, was suffering from neck pain, headaches, and her jaw getting stuck for years.  She was told there was nothing she could do.  She was left wondering if it was just part of aging and if she had to live with it.  She attended Penrose Physical Therapy and if you watch the video on this home page she talks about how grateful she is to have the tools she needs to manage her condition and how she can finally work without headaches every day.  Request the free tips today to start on your road to recovery!

Shoulder Report Cover 3D
Shoulder Pain

Jessi, in her twenties, was working out at the gym and she stocks shelves for work.  She did not realize she was overusing the front of her shoulders causing bicep tendonitis.  She needed some help figuring out how to work out in the gym and how to stock shelves without pain.  We helped her continue to work and return to the gym.  Request the Free tips report and get started on your road to recovery!

Knee Report Cover 3D
Knee Pain

Caroline, in her 50s, was trying to figure out how to increase her activity but her knee arthritis was limiting her ability to exercise, travel, and enjoy her grandchildren.  Her doctor told her to just ride her bike.  She realized that wasn’t completely solving her problem.  She attended Penrose Physical Therapy and is traveling, working out at a gym, and is not having pain with walking or stairs.  Request your Free tips report and get started on your road to recovery today!


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