Penrose Physical Therapy

We help people in Lacey, WA and the surrounding areas feel stronger and more confident in doing the things they love without pain medication or surgery even if they’ve suffered for years.  Please click the play button on the middle of your screen to hear from the types of patients we help.

Why choose us?

Our Approach
Are Other Clinics?
Spending hands-on quality time with you? Are they actively listening to your concerns?
Resources & Support
Well established with long standing relationships with local surgeons and physicians?
Cohesive, compassionate and have a well trained team?
Aware of your insurance limitations and work with you regarding options for treatment frequency?


The following is a list of the most common insurances we accept but is not an exhaustive list. Please call 360-456-1444 for more details. For your convenience, we will verify your insurance benefits before your first visit but you are encouraged to check for yourself.

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