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Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.
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Weight Loss At Penrose PT, Lacey WA

TLS weight loss coaching Online Course + 1 on 1 coaching

This 8 week weight loss and wellness course is for you if:

What does the TLS weight loss coaching online + 1 on 1 coaching include?

WHAT IS IT? 7-8-28



We took 20+ people through the program in Feb/March of 2021 and the results were amazing! Hear from people that are still following the program principles:

Karen (age 71)

“I was intrigued by Dr. Penrose’s ad introducing a program to jumpstart your metabolism and lose belly fat. I had added more weight over the COVID shutdown and was ready to try this fat-burning mode of losing weight. In one month I lost the COVID weight, my cravings for sugar and grains, and lowered my blood pressure by thirty points. I was sold! In month two I gained confidence in my own choices and self-control. I learned how to read a label quickly and efficiently, how important protein and fiber are at every meal, and a wealth of information from the many sources available from coaches to a dedicated Facebook page. I am very grateful I took the leap to join the TLS team and would recommend it to anyone who has tried to lose weight but failed with other programs.”

Another client wrote me after 4 months on the program:

“I have lost so far 27 lbs.  The best part of this is I feel so good. Clothes are too big, doing a lot of cloths altering for now. Down 2 full sizes. I am so much happier with feeling good.”

More about the weight loss...

This is not some quick diet that will cause you to gain it all back in 6 months if you follow the principles. As a health care provider, I am for a reasonable plan that focuses on low glycemic eating and lean proteins that promote overall health: stabilizing blood glucose, improving cholesterols, protecting from heart disease, and limiting systemic inflammation. In fact, our gut health is strongly correlated to our overall systemic inflammation. I don’t even want to call this plan a diet. Really, it is an 8-week program to turn you into a fat-burning machine! Can I get an AMEN? Learn how to burn more fat; ENJOY wonderful food; get on a path for longevity, more energy, and less systemic inflammation. Yes! The menu plan is delicious and inspiring; it may show you how to really enjoy those wonderful vegetables.

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