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Jan 2019
Jennifer Penrose
Jennifer Penrose

If you just nodded your head  “yes please” then let me introduce you to a plant based compound called “AgeLoc Youth”. Yes, “AgeLoc Youth” sounds like it is trying to lock you into your younger years! Sign me up! As my grandmother says “Don’t get old Jennifer. These golden years are not so golden!” So I’m following her advice with the latest science (without synthetic chemicals or pharmaceuticals) I can find and share it with you.

As a physical therapist I’m definitely helping my patients improve their physical function so they can travel, visit grandkids, and live life with less pain and ability to keep up! But how is that meaningful if your cholesterol is high and plaque is building up on the walls of your arteries waiting for a heart attack, or you lose your cognitive abilities, or you lose your vision (covered last week!)? Quality of life includes all of those things! First of all, let’s talk about cognition. “AgeLoc Youth” vs placebo given to healthy subjects age 40-65 with normal cognitive function for 6 weeks showed radically improved brain MRI images! Improve cognitive performances on memory tests were also demonstrated by the AgeLoc Youth group. This is exciting news for those of us that want to keep our mind sharp using a plant based compound!

Regarding the brain MRI results, Dr. Louis Cady, Psychiatrist, stated: “Of particular interest to me is increased activity in the inferior orbital pre-frontal cortex – which is the executive control center of the brain and which is universally compromised in attention deficit disorder, as well as in people who have poor executive functioning. From what I can see on these functional brain MRI images, globally improved cognition, memory, reasoning, and executive function should be achieved. It (AgeLoc Youth) is, however, not a drug: it is only a supplement. Its function is to support the structure and function of the human body. In my opinion, it does so elegantly and naturally – with plant based compounds and not synthetic chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

Next let’s touch on the anti-inflammatory nature of AgeLoc Youth. We already discussed a few weeks ago that most of us have some systemic inflammation due to the western diets we eat (processed foods, starches, artificial sugars). In the anti-inflammatory study, which was done with four groups, AgeLoc Youth created a 6-fold decrease in the typical increased inflammatory pathway that happens with age. In clinical reality, one would believe that this will vastly decreased pain, soreness and inflammation. This is fantastic news for people who battle inflammation daily. I still advocate for eating colorful vegetables and fruits to get your antioxidants up and limit systemic inflammation by reducing eating processed foods and artificial sugars. “AgeLoc Youth” has fish oil EPA/DHA and CoQ10 for promoting heart and blood vessel health.

The science seems to support that if you have the right amount of Omega 3’s in your blood stream you reduce your risk of a sudden cardiac event by 5 fold! Many of us do not consistently eat fish 2x a week. Consistently doing the right things with nutrition is the hardest part! Quality supplements can help bridge this gap. As we approach the end of this series on health, I want to take this opportunity to offer you my free report on the top 6 healthy living tips.

It covers everything we’ve been talking about the last few weeks in this series plus a few extra tips that can really be beneficial. To get the report, simply head to and download it instantly. Or you can call the clinic on (360) 456-1444 and we’ll send you a copy. I’ll be back next week to wrap up this series on health, until then have a great week!

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