Penrose Physical Therapy
Jan 2016
Jennifer Penrose
Jennifer Penrose

PHASE I- Acute


  • Decrease pain and inflammation
  • Regain elbow and wrist ROM

Week 1-2: AAROM, AROM

  • Putty/gripping exercises
  • Isometrics: Elbow & wrist
  • Isotonic strengthening: wrist

PHASE II- Sub-Acute:


  • Maintain full elbow ROM
  • Progress strengthening exercises
  • Gradually increase functional demands

Week 3-5:

  • Initiate shoulder strengthening exercises
  • Continue ROM Initiate light resistance elbow exercises
  • Initiate PROM & AAROM: supination & pronation

Week 6:

  • Continue PROM and AAROM: all directions
  • Progress shoulder program
  • Progress elbow strengthening program

PHASE III- Advanced Strengthening


  • Maintain full ROM
  • Increase power, endurance, strength
  • Initiate sport activities

Week 7:

  • Continue PROM & AAROM: all directions
  • Initiate eccentrics for elbow
  • Initiate plyometric exercise program
  • Continue isotonics: shoulder, forearm, wrist
  • Continue until 12 weeks

Brotzman SB, Wilk KE. Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. 2nd ed. Philadelphia, PA: The Curtis Center; 2003.

Click here to download: Lateral or Medial Epicondylitis Non Surgical

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