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Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.
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If you suffer from neck pain, this workshop is for you!

Did you know that some people suffer from headaches so frequently that they consider them to be a regular part of life? That’s why things like aspirin sellers. But drugs can only relieve the symptoms temporarily – when many times, the recurring headaches may actually be the result of something else. In my years of experience, it’s often the case that, if someone is suffering from regular headache episodes, they just haven’t got to the real, underlying ROOT CAUSE of the problem.

Many times, the recurring headaches may be the result of a dysfunction with the shoulder, jaw or neck… and it is usually possible that an expert in recognizing relief from headaches could help someone like you! If You Feel Let Down, Disappointed, And Even Skeptical About What Can Be Done To Help You, Then Read On… My name is Jennifer Penrose, Lacey’s leading neck pain specialist, and I have been helping people live with much less neck pain for more than a decade now – all across the state. 

And what we know now is that so many people are confused by the advice they’ve previously been given, unsure about why it didn’t work out… perhaps even skeptical about their best chances of living with less neck pain in the future… and that’s why I created this one hour Workshop entitled: “The Best Kept Secrets Of Easing Neck Pain And Headaches” – and decided to make it FREE to the residents of Lacey. When you attend, first you’ll discover just how many other options there are – then we think you’ll agree with the many attendees who’ve already gone before you who now say it truly is possible to get relief from chronic neck pain and headaches, even if you’ve suffered for 20 years or more.

Here’s What You’ll Learn At This New Workshop:

The 7 urgent coping strategies every neck pain sufferer must never forget when neck pain strikes! Why 50-53% of people make their own neck pain WORSE by doing just this one thing wrong! The 7 things you can do if you’re hoping to avoid surgery that will cost you nothing… The most successful treatments for neck pain that doesn’t involve any drugs. The 3 best exercises that you can do at home, in your living room or your office that will help you be pain free for longer. If you’re currently seeing a doctor, thinking about it, or just don’t want to face the hassle of talking to your insurance, but still want to get some real help, then you need to consider attending this Free Workshop which reveals “The Best Kept Secret Of Easing Neck Pain and Headaches”.

You should only attend this workshop if:

1) You or a loved one suffer from neck pain.

2) You are aged 40+ and have suffered with neck pain for longer than you feel you should have.

3) You are currently seeing a doctor or thinking about it.

4) You have an open mind and willing to act upon new advice.

You should NOT attend this workshop if:

1) You are just a curiosity seeker. We have a limited number of seats available, please don’t take one from somebody who really needs help.

2) You have a closed mind and won’t listen to any new advice no matter what.

What to do next

Pick up the telephone. Take action in your own self-interest and protect your future. Save yourself from a lifetime of suffering more neck pain than you need to. You can call immediately and leave a message to reserve your space for this workshop… we only have a limited number of seats available for this amazing workshop being held on Wednesday December 11th at 6pm! To register and save your seat, call (360) 456-1444 or you can visit and register online. Light refreshments will be provided.

Don’t delay! We’ll see you there and help you get rid of that neck pain just in time for Christmas!

Podcast Episode 8 is live!!

Dr. Jennifer Penrose interviews local orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Lamour. He specializes in ankle foot surgery and sports medicine at Olympia Orthopedics at their East location on Lilly Rd His training included dual fellowships. We discussed the most common ankle injury of ankle sprains and most heal and recover with therapy and good balance training. Dr. Lamour is a strong proponent of rehabilitation and correct shoes, inserts if needed, and gait training. We explain that ankle sprains over stretch the ligaments and these do not go back to their original “length” and the only way to compensate is to strengthen the muscles and tendons around the ankle.


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