Penrose Physical Therapy
Jan 2020
Jennifer Penrose
Jennifer Penrose

Prevention is a much better choice than the alternative,
which is to notice a problem (ex: poor balance since that
is our focus this series!) and ignore it or assume there is
nothing you can do about it and let it continue to worsen
with time. I am amazed how many patients I meet that
have resigned to “getting older” means I will just have to
live with this balance problem or knee pain or weakness.

Be Proactive!

With this mindset, the issue will continue to grow bigger
until it becomes a major problem (ex: hip fracture from
a fall). Once you’ve traveled down this path, you know it takes more time,
effort and energy to recover and manage the issue effectively.
Being proactive about managing your health is even more important as you
age since you are at a higher risk for experiencing declines in your overall
health and in your ability to move around. If you want the secret to aging here
it is: stay mobile and active and eat more veggies!

We all know about prevention. This is why most of us go to the dentist 2x
a year. It is also why we go to our annual physician check-up. However,
how many of us go to an annual balance, strength, flexibility, stamina checkup? Zero that I know of.

So Penrose Physical Therapy is offering a FREE
event on Mon. Jan 27th at 9am to have a Physical Therapy Check Up aka
overall senior fitness screen.

Physical Therapy Annual Check Up VS. Physician Annual Check Up

  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Independence in daily living
  • Recommendations:
    Exercises to improve
    your physical health
    and fitness level

Where as when you go to the doctor…

  • Blood Pressure
  • Height/Weight
  • Medical History
  • Monitor ongoing conditions
  • Review Medications
  • Lab Work
  • Recommendations:
    diet, medications,
    procedures, referrals to
    specialists, exercise.

Who Is This Best For?

We have limited slots that day so please RSVP! Please call at 360-456-1444
or email us
We recommend an Annual Check-up for all older adults,
but especially those who:

  • Have noticed more trouble performing their daily activities (getting the
    mail, taking out the trash, walking up/down stairs, doing their laundry,
    meal prep).
  • Have noticed they aren’t as steady on their feet anymore and are nervous
    about having a fall.
  • Are having trouble doing the things you love to do (playing with your
    grandchildren, going to the ball game, going on vacation with enough
    energy to enjoy it).
  • Trouble keeping up with others in same age group.

Call us today and if this round is full, get on our waitlist to reserve your spot for our next one!

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