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Jul 2017
Jennifer Penrose
Jennifer Penrose

What to do about “soft bones” or osteoporosis.

Were you told by your doctor to increase your impact and weight lifting exercises and yet don’t do anything too strenuous or you might suffer a fracture?  Did you leave the office confused wondering what you should and shouldn’t do? We hear that story all the time.  We don’t fault the doctors; the healthcare system no longer has the ability to allow lengthy conversations about how to manage osteopenia or osteoporosis. We can help you understand what you can do to stay mobile and independent and set up a successful long term approach to this diagnosis.  The most important thing is to learn how to move without creating a fracture.   Softening of the bones in the spine are very susceptible to fracturing.   You need to learn how to bend over without bending your back!  Think of all the every day activities that bend that upper back: putting on socks and shoes, getting dressed, getting in and out of a car, emptying the dishwasher, making your bed, cleaning, cooking, and the list goes on.  You need to do those things without bending the spine especially the upper back or thoracic spine.  We can help you learn how to move correctly and safely. At Penrose Physical Therapy we want to help those age 45+ to minimize their risk for fracture and set up a successful posture program that actually will increase your height!  No, we don’t claim to cause you to grow but most of the time the rounded upper back posture, slouching, and forward… Read More

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