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Feb 2018
Jennifer Penrose
Jennifer Penrose

3 quick fixes you think help knee pain – but don’t!

I know how frustrating it can be when you’re not sure what you’ve done to hurt your knee, and even more frustrating when everything you’re trying to do to get rid of the problem – doesn’t do a thing to make it feel any better. So, I wanted to tell you about the 3 most common “quick fixes” that people THINK ease their knee trouble, but that actually do the opposite! 1. Reaching for the painkillers. When your knee hurts, one of the easiest things to do is reach for the painkillers to “kill” the problem, quick. Painkillers won’t get to the root cause of your problem and do anything to fix it, they just mask the pain instead, which doesn’t help anyone – it’s better to do something to fix the problem long-term instead. 2. Resting I understand it can be tempting to do nothing but rest “in case the pain gets worse” which means many people end up laying on the sofa watching their favorite TV shows. But when it comes to your knee, ‘rest’ actually means to not do ‘too much’. If you rest too much, your joints will become stiff and tight, which can make your knees feel even more achy when you try to move them. Try swimming, cycling, going for a light walk, Yoga or Pilates – low impact exercises to help keep you moving and not place any added pressure on your knees. 3. Wearing a support Knee supports should ONLY… Read More

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