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Nov 2017
Jennifer Penrose
Jennifer Penrose

Want to walk again? Read Dawn’s story about tendonitis here!

Written November 2017 on Thurston talk: Dawn Hill has been battling foot pain while walking due to plantar fasciitis for almost 25 years. It started on a vacation in Scotland where she spent most of her two weeks hiking. “Every day I’d limp in, but I wouldn’t give up my hike the next day,” says Dawn, an obviously tough woman who loves being active. She came home with an unwelcome souvenir, however. Since then, Dawn has needed orthotics, but the foot pain with walking continued. Ivy is Dawn’s adorable Maltese/Cairn Terrier mix, who loves taking long, brisk walks, but chronic pain in Dawn’s foot started to shorten them. “The brisk walking got really painful,” Dawn recalls. “And, of course, you try to doctor them yourself before you go see someone. Finally, I went and saw my podiatrist because it wasn’t getting better. I couldn’t walk two blocks without the burn being unbearable.” Her doctor diagnosed her with posterior tendonitis. After trying different orthotics from the podiatrist without seeing the results she wanted, Dawn asked her doctor to refer her to Penrose & Associated Physical Therapy as she had recently met owner Jennifer Penrose and had enjoyed her. Dawn says her experience at Penrose was amazing. They started by videotaping her on a treadmill to assess how she walked and how her gait caused foot pain. Then, they fitted her for new orthotics. “My old orthotics just weren’t supporting my arch like they should,” Dawn explains. “So, not only did I… Read More

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