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Jan 2018
Jennifer Penrose
Jennifer Penrose

After a total knee replacement AND a menisectomy on the other knee!

Hellen is a nurse who recently finished therapy with us for her knees and can now take stairs 2 at a time!!   Before her doctor sent her to physical therapy she didn’t think she really “needed” us.  She had accepted that knee pain and some loss of ability was her “new normal.”  You see she had a total knee replacement about a year ago and now a recent menisectomy on the other knee.   She was shocked at the improvements we made with BOTH knees!  She is able to do stairs 2 at a time and is even thinking about going back to skiing with her husband!  She was willing to share her story with you on the Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy Youtube Channel.  If you are 40+ and think knee pain is your new normal think again!  If you want to be able to do stairs and get stronger then let us help you get there.   Hellen, pictured below, attended 12 visits to complete a full plan of care that allowed her to get to that level of function!   Penrose Physical Therapy Answers: What Can I do About Knee Pain Right Now?  … Read More

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